For the last couple of years the definition of "stylishness" and "style" has been refined to an extent it is no longer used to describe a beautiful interior design in its most prosaic practical form - it went way further beyond that to define the image itself. The image that consists of complex metaphorical structures that can function on their own - create a mood for the setting. A good rule of thumb is that neither the image nor the mood it evokes have to reflect how much effort has been put in. It should look slightly careless. The less is more. To create a truly careless image you have to pre-plan each single detail beforehand. That is what is usually hidden behind the most "casual" look.

This apartment is a perfect visual representation of the elegant style in its most natural setting. It has been well-thought of in terms of the design yet there is a vivid shabbiness when it comes to materials that make up the walls, for example.

Thanks to its wide windows and glassy partitions there is a natural sunlight stream floating right into the apartment.

The storage space is hidden to ease the hassle of the everyday routine.

I was inspired by the work of Iya Turabelidze studio (Kyiv). My version, however, features a slightly different approach towards the materials and furniture. The visualization is based on the photographs taken from
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